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Starship Fabulous, by Emery Joyce, Ayse Gursoy, and Chris Johnston   May 30, 2014
"I liked this dating sim a lot. They use some of the narrative techniques you find in japanese dating sims in order to bring the reader..." - See the full review

Tapes, by Jenni Vedenoja   April 3, 2014
"I had no idea what disability the main character had in this game. The other reviewer was right about there being no choices. This is a..." - See the full review

ULTRA BUSINESS TYCOON III, by Porpentine   April 3, 2014
"Everyone who grew up with video games as a large part of their lives should play this game. If you look into why it was created, you find..." - See the full review

The Hunt for the Gay Planet, by Anna Anthropy   April 3, 2014
"I liked this game quite a bit. There's a nice element of exploration and choice and it's just simple enough to move you along. There's..." - See the full review

Bubblegum Slaughter, by Merritt Kopas   April 3, 2014
"Solid story and you can tell that the author knows the magical girl genre fairly well. I wish that there was more description for what..." - See the full review

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tiny tarot, by Chelsea Stearns
HAIZARA, by Rani Baker
Castle Doomstone, by Strangelander
Candy Quest 3: Edge of Sweetness, by Michael Brough
Hallowmoor, by Mike Snyder

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