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Aspiring IF author, avid IF player, and avoider of walkthroughs. Well, if I can help it :)

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Noah, by Mike Young   November 18, 2021
"Here’s a true obscurity, a Quill game written by one man, with no publisher, probably moving very few copies. I went in expecting very..." - See the full review

Futz Mutz, by Tim Simmons   November 18, 2021
"What an oddity this game is. At first, it seems pretty good. It's coded well, and makes use of multimedia, with a title screen, music and..." - See the full review

Portcullis, by Robin Johnson   March 23, 2021
"This game is awesome. The prose is just right: simple, evocative, but never terse. The puzzles are very solvable; I needed no hints to..." - See the full review

She's Got a Thing for a Spring, by Brent VanFossen   March 22, 2021
"This is a lovely, much-acclaimed game that seems to have been slightly forgotten. It's a shame, because outside of a few frustrations,..." - See the full review

Candy, by Ryan Stevens   March 19, 2021
"This is an unfinished game from the enigmatic Rybread Celsius. The puzzle of how genuine he was has never been solved, and while some..." - See the full review

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The Hulk, by Scott Adams, John Romita Sr., Mark Gruenwald, and Kem NcNair
First Times, by Hero Robb
The Book of Living Magic, by Jonas Kyratzes
The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin
Rape Escape!, by Alan Francis Ang

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