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College student, longtime IF fan.

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T-Zero, by Dennis Cunningham   July 31, 2009
"Mixing references to pop culture ("goo goo gjoob"), classic literature and adding a time-travel element on top of it all, T-Zero is a..." - See the full review

To Hell in a Hamper, by J. J. Guest   July 31, 2009
"As a rule, successful one-room games are rare enough, even in the world of IF. But J. J. Guest has proven without a doubt that to every..." - See the full review

Opening Night, by David Batterham   July 27, 2009
"Beginning and ending with a man on a mission, Opening Night is a brief but captivating journey through the mind of a person trying to tie..." - See the full review

Theatre, by Brendon Wyber   July 27, 2009
"Theatre begins with a familiar enough premise; the player is unexpectedly trapped in a deserted old building that just *happens* to be..." - See the full review

Lost Pig, by Admiral Jota   July 27, 2009
"When I first spied this title listed on a favorite IF site, I was somewhat skeptical of the premise. An IF game where the protagonist is..." - See the full review

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The Warlord, The Princess & The Bulldog, by David Whyld
Bronze, by Emily Short
Savoir-Faire, by Emily Short
To Hell in a Hamper, by J. J. Guest
Shade, by Andrew Plotkin

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Shelter from the Storm, by Eric Eve
Till Death Makes a Monk-Fish Out of Me, by Mike Sousa and Jon Ingold
Babel, by Ian Finley
Ad Verbum, by Nick Montfort
Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown Jewels, by Bob Bates

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