A maze of twisty little passages, all alike (apart from the one I'm currently in)

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After many, many years away from IF, I've finally rediscovered the medium - probably as a reaction to the dearth of really good commercial games in recent years...

... Currently learning Inform 7 with a view to implementing (in the first instance) re-imaginings of some of my favourite adventure games of the past.

During daylight hours I lead a humdrum, but simple life as a software developer, conducting my trade from my secret lair within an abandoned Tibetan monastery.

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All Roads, by Jon Ingold   November 16, 2010
"An interesting experiment in storytelling, this isn't your typical brand of puzzle solving adventure title (there was only really one..." - See the full review

9:05, by Adam Cadre   October 3, 2010
"This was the first piece of IF I've played in a good many years and I stumbled across it quite by accident. At first, with it being so..." - See the full review

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Shade, by Andrew Plotkin
All Roads, by Jon Ingold
Philosopher's Quest, by Peter D. Killworth and Jonathan Mestel
Countdown to Doom, by Peter D. Killworth
Questprobe Featuring: Spider-Man, by Scott Adams and Al Milgrom

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