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An eternal student....

- Entered IFComp 2005 and wrote several reviews
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- Learned Esperanto between 2017 and 2021

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Interactive Fiction by strivenword

World Builder, by Paul Lee (2012)
(4 ratings)

You've built dreams and brought to life legends. But all that is useless compared to your beloved masterpiece, a creation of tremendous value that holds the keys to unlimited adventure -- as well...

Tree and Star, by Paul Lee (2012)
(5 ratings)

Dreary Lands, by Paul Lee (2005)
(3 ratings)

A surreal game that starts you out amnesiac in a brightly colored cell and turns swiftly into fantasy thereafter. Placed 29th in the 2005 Interactive Fiction competition.

Waiting for The End, by Paul Lee (2013)

The End that for long ages had been foretold is near at last. You must find it. (The included source code may serve as an example of a game built on the Roodylib shell template.)

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Polls by strivenword

The New Abstract - 11 votes for 6 games; created March 6, 2022
Time goes on, vibes change, people change, historical thresholds are crossed. I always loved the unique kind of abstract/surreal genre in...

Best of ADRIFT 5 - 12 votes for 11 games; created June 19, 2014
I set up the Linux version of ADRIFT 5 on my Mint 16 system. I even ripped the icon from the Windows version, as documented in this...

Christianity in IF - 62 votes for 36 games; created November 17, 2011
Sam Kabo Ashwell's statement in his recent review of Cana According to Micah that "the best works dealing prominently with Christian...

High fantasy interactive fiction - 16 votes for 12 games; created July 27, 2010
My favorite genre of fiction, interactive or otherwise, is high fantasy -- the genre of such epic series of novels as The Lord of the...

Reviews by strivenword

Final Exam, by Jack Whitham   December 18, 2015
"Made with the predecessor of today's Inform development system, everything about Final Exam feels thoroughly conventional while also..." - See the full review

The Problems Compound, by Andrew Schultz   December 6, 2015
"Surreal landscapes and dream-like sequences are well established motifs in IF. Whether serious or comedic or horrific, whether sequences..." - See the full review

Pit of the Condemned, by Matthew Holland   December 3, 2015
"(Originally published on the reviewer's blog.) At the conceptual level, Pit of the Condemned is a refreshing find. A parser game, it..." - See the full review

Untold Riches, by Jason Ermer   November 30, 2015
"(Originally published on the reviewer's blog.) Untold Riches retells the traditional parser text adventure scenario with enthusiastic..." - See the full review

Grandma Bethlinda's Variety Box, by Arthur DiBianca   November 28, 2015
"(Originally published on the reviewer's blog.) Playfulness is one quality of traditional IF that is often difficult to critique or..." - See the full review

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Coffee Simulator V1.4 - The Simulator No One Asked For, by D.B.T
The Cabin, by D.B.T
A Town with No Name, by D.B.T
The Problems Compound, by Andrew Schultz
Pit of the Condemned, by Matthew Holland

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