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The King of Shreds and Patches, by Jimmy Maher   September 9, 2021
"i have (overall) been really impressed with this game. i love the setting and of course the Lovecraftian vibe is great. some of the..." - See the full review

Shade, by Andrew Plotkin   April 7, 2016
"nothing like simulated mental deterioration...once everything clicked into place it kinda blew my mind. moral of the story: " - See the full review

Violet, by Jeremy Freese   April 7, 2016
"one of the most original "escape the room"-type games i've ever played - i can only assume the premise came to the author in a..." - See the full review

The Horrible Pyramid, by Ryan Veeder   March 31, 2016
"a clever game. took about 5-10 minutes to finish. would have been shorter but " - See the full review

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The Horrible Pyramid, by Ryan Veeder
Violet, by Jeremy Freese
Make It Good, by Jon Ingold
Shade, by Andrew Plotkin
Vespers, by Jason Devlin

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The Edifice, by Lucian P. Smith
Lydia's Heart, by Jim Aikin
Kaged, by Ian Finley
Christminster, by Gareth Rees
Curses, by Graham Nelson

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