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guess the game game

I like exploration.
I wish there are so many amazing games I can rate it 2/5.

I like mushrooms.
I would like it mobile optimised or tabs.

New things
I like new things.
I would like to care about your character and your choices.

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Capsule, by PaperBlurt   November 11, 2015
"You can play without graphics. I like science fiction. Fantasy. Crime. Short animation pauses are ok. Back is ok. I would like a..." - See the full review

The Griffin and the Minor Canon, by Frank Stockton, Chandler Groover   July 24, 2015
"I love that you're a beast. Emo colours. I would like speed control. Slash. Bookmarks."

Speak French, by Claire6129   July 24, 2015
"I like French. I would like pictures. An update soon."

CAPITALISM: The Role Playing Game, by Soda51   July 17, 2015
"You are a rat. I like skins. I would like roles. Descriptions. Automatic saves."

Beware The Faerie Food You Eat, by Astrid Dalmady   July 13, 2015
"I like humans. Heads. Toes. Fingers. Hearts. Mushrooms. Dancing. I would like it mobile optimised. Tabs."

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The Virtual Grand National, by Daniel Gunnell
Days with Shaylin, by Ann Hugo
Yet another experiment, by He4eT
SIEGE (The Siege of Plataea), by Elizabeth Lumley
Mikala, by Flanagangames

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10 Lost Boys, by Mark Sample
Where the Wind Once Blew Free, by No Sell Out Productions
Logged In, by anChupacabra
Alone Among the Stars: Twine Edition, by Adam Roy
Escape from Aiwei, by John C. Knudsen

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