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Cannonfire Concerto, by Caleb Wilson   January 25, 2022
"This is the first game of this sort I've ever played. I suppose it's a bit like CYOA, but it keeps track of more things about your..." - See the full review

Excalibur: Sword of Kings, by Ian Smith, Shaun G. McClure   January 25, 2022
"This is an extremely short and simple text adventure that you can play online in an authorized remake at (which is why..." - See the full review

The Hobbit, by Philip Mitchell and Veronika Megler   January 22, 2022
"This was one of the first text adventures I ever played, maybe the first, and it taught me that text adventures were bad. I wanted to..." - See the full review

The Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum   January 20, 2022
"In The Wizard of Oz text adventure, you move through a story rather than explore an area, like in most interactive fiction games. I think..." - See the full review