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Member since November 26, 2016
Last visited December 12, 2020
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Interactive Fiction by dibianca

Art D's First Batch Adventure, by Arthur DiBianca (1997)
(1 rating)

Art D's Next Batch Adventure, by Arthur DiBianca (1997)
(1 rating)

Art D's Third Batch Adventure, by Arthur DiBianca (1997)
(1 rating)

Best Gopher Ever, by Arthur DiBianca (2018)
(19 ratings)
Help the unfortunate residents of Fairview! (Who are all animals, by the way.) A light puzzle game for all ages.

Excelsior, by Arthur DiBianca (2014)
(11 ratings)

Grandma Bethlinda's Variety Box, by Arthur DiBianca (2015)
(32 ratings)
It's the latest model, and it would really like to play with you.

Inside the Facility, by Arthur DiBianca (2016)
(38 ratings)
Your friend Mike thinks no one can infiltrate THE FACILITY, but you're going to prove him wrong. A light puzzle game. In the author's opinion, it's totally family-friendly. (Make sure to look at...

The Prongleman Job, by Arthur DiBianca (2020)
(12 ratings)
Break into Prongleman's house and steal a few valuables. Try and finish before he gets home. The Thieves' Society is counting on you.

Sage Sanctum Scramble, by Arthur DiBianca (2020)
(19 ratings)
A grab bag of puzzles, mostly word puzzles. Collect keywords and save the Sanctum!

Skies Above, by Arthur DiBianca (2019)
(16 ratings)
Play minigames to get your airship flying, tour the skies, and see what mischief is going on up there. Champion of the Skies: Sarah Adams

The Temple of Shorgil, by Arthur DiBianca (2018)
(21 ratings)
One day, travel guides will talk about this "masterpiece of the Pirothian architect Kitral" -- but only if you, the first person to visit it in over 1,000 years, can find out what's inside....

The Wand, by Arthur DiBianca (2017)
(40 ratings)
Explore the wizard Bartholloco's castle with the help of a versatile magic wand. Can you overcome his challenge? Can you levitate a rock? Can you slice a baltavakia? (Puzzle-oriented and family...

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