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Interactive Fiction by uux

A Matter of Importance, by Valentine Kopteltsev (2007)
(8 ratings)

All those scoundrels on The Board Of The Thieves' Guild... How could they? Sure, the last weeks weren't your most successful ones (in fact, you'd be glad to raze them from your memory if you only...

A Night Guest, by Valentine Kopteltsev (2001)
(2 ratings)

"If you're fond of bad poetry, you'll like this one. Also, it probably would make a valid entry for the Inventory Comp." [--blurb from Competition Aught-One]

Unnkulia X, by Valentine Kopteltsev (2000)
(2 ratings)

"The Great Master of your village speaks: "My people, the Demons of Unnkulia are back again! And they demand a human sacrifice, unless we want our nice Vilefen to be wiped off the Earth's surface!"...

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Cryptozookeeper, by Robb Sherwin   February 22, 2012
"I've been reviewing the Introcomp version of Cryptozookeeper for SPAG somewhat more than a year ago. And yeah, it was like meeting one's..." - See the full review