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I started playing IF games on the VIC-20 with the Scott Adams series. That's where it all began. My love for these games caused me to think about how that classic genre could be appreciated in the new mobile generation. And so I created a series of my own, written specifically for mobile users.

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Interactive Fiction by Chris Radford

The Forgotten Nightmare I, by Chris Radford (2011)
(3 ratings)
The Forgotten Nightmare series is a series of IF games designed for mobile devices. It incorporates classic IF interaction with the ease of a modern interface and an automatically "drawn" map. This...

The Forgotten Nightmare Remastered, by Chris Radford (2011)
The Forgotten Nightmare is a Christian themed story that begins with an accident. An accident that leaves you, as the player, unable to recall not only where you are, but who you are as well....

The Forgotten Nightmare 2, by Chris Radford“The Forgotten Nightmare II: A New Reality” is the second chapter in a series of all text (Interactive Fiction) adventure games. Going against modern game evolution, the only graphics you will have...

The Forgotten Nightmare 3, by Chris Radford (2020)
Chapter 3 is the third chapter in The Forgotten Nightmare text adventure game series. In Chapter 1, you awaken after an accident with amnesia, hanging upside-down by your seatbelt. After escaping...

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