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Interactive Fiction by tmack

Vain Empires, by Thomas Mack and Xavid (2020)
(24 ratings)
The memoir of a demonic spy in the Cold War between Heaven and Hell.

The Owl Consults, by Thomas Mack, Nick Mathewson, and Cidney Hamilton (2017)
(18 ratings)
Once you've established yourself as the ruler of the crime world (and, eventually, the literal world), the only challenge left is helping out the next generation of supervillains---for a suitable...

Speculative Fiction, by Diane Christoforo and Thomas Mack (2012)
(13 ratings)
A puzzle game about committing acts of financial skulduggery and exploiting ridiculous magical items. This game is the complete version of the one that appeared in IntroComp 2011, where it won...

Some Exceptions for Reasons Unknown, by Thomas Mack (2016)
(3 ratings)

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