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Interactive Fiction by LyndaC

Writers Are Not Strangers, by Lynda Clark (2018)
(10 ratings)
The meteorite could hit tomorrow, or in an hour, or six months from now. No-one seems to know, and so life goes on as normal. Although, for Alix, normal is relative. Please click the 'Show Stats'...

H.E.LLC, by Lynda Clark (2019)
(3 ratings)
A multiple-choice interactive fiction in which you are an intern in Hell, tasked with sending souls to damnation.

The Grievous Miskatonic Modus, by Lynda Clark (2018)
(1 rating)

Happy Pony Valley Riding School, by Lynda Clark (2017)
(5 ratings)
Just because these ponies can talk, doesn't mean they have anything to say to you... Author's Comment: "I usually work in ChoiceScript and this was my attempt at modelling a simpler version of a CS...

The Memory Archivist, by Lynda Clark (2019)
Created during an AHRC Innovation Placement on Emerging Formats at the British Library, this piece of interactive fiction aims to show some of the difficulties associated with and benefits arising...

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