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by Adam Cadre
(511 ratings)

Ice gift hunt
by Olga Makarova
(3 ratings)

Bullets talk faster
by Oreolek
(8 ratings)

Out There
by FibreTigre
(3 ratings)

Кащей прячет смерть, by Антон Жучков (2009)
(2 ratings)

The Returning of the Quantum Cat, by Peter Kosyh (2009)
(1 rating)

Code-10, by casper_nn (2003)
(1 rating)

Dead City
by Everbyte
(2 ratings)

Наливайя, by Vyacheslav Dobranov (2015)
(1 rating)

by Vasily Voronkov
(1 rating)

Kingdom of Grain, by Unknown (1992)

A Lozenge
by Party for Introverts

Dead Synchronicity: The Longest Night
by Mario Oliván, Alberto Oliván, Martín Martínez
(2 ratings)

Обещание, by Oreolek (2010)

1917: Lenin in October, by Sergey Gusev (1994)

1st of April Joke, by Baxsoft, Wrecker, Satsoft, Urri, Alexander Nikiforov (1997)

Add, by Unknown (1995)

Alien, by Terminator

Am I a monster?, by Antokolos (2015)

And the Dark Began, by Alexander Smirnov, Lynx, Employer, Dominator, Sokol

Apollo, by Vsevolod Vishnevsky (1996)

Ayforia Kingdom, by Silva Soft (1990)

Back to School, by Unknown

Chain of Koschei, by B. Wybanob, CyberJack, Black Groover, Dr. Dismal (1999)

Chainick: Horror in Flat, by Unknown (1999)

by Irremann

Crystal Dream Members in East Ukrainian State University, by Crystal Dream (1996)

Deadventure, by Max Adimirov, Dead Man (2003)

Diamond, by Dr. Laser (1998)

Dizzy Forever, by Mrax, Jedius, Surfin' Bird, Newart, Nik-O (2005)

Dream Adventure, by Newart, Scald, Nik-O (2002)

Dust of Starry Roads, by GalaxySoft Corp (1997)

Emperor, by I. Klokov (1991)

Encounter 1, by Goblin Graphics (1995)

Evil Lands, by Unknown

Examination Investigation, by Alexey Shirokov (1995)

Find Exit, by Paul Moscow (1997)

Fredy McNeford, by DJ Hooligan (1996)

Fredy McNeford 2, by DJ Hooligan (1996)

Go Inspector, by Pavel Vlaskin (1994)

Island of Darkness, by Paul Moscow

Ivan Tsarevich, by Cav Inc, Kit (1995)

Kill the President, by Unknown (1986)

Kuryokhin: Second Life
by Michael Kurtov

The Land of Dark, by Orc, Psychotron (1999)

Last Raider, by Kit

Lord of Darkness, by Vechaslav Kalinin, Desyatkin Denis, Maksimov Alexander (2003)

LSF, by Impact Creative Group (1996)

Magic Story: Dedication of Falkoris, by Vadim Bodrov (1994)

Magicians Land, by Precision Group (1996)

Medieval History, by Protein, Adrenalin (1996)

Mentura, by Sergey Gusev, Sergey Ilin (1994)

Mirror, by Artwork (1998)

Mysterious Island, by Druid Software (1999)

Mystery of Captain Shelton, by Elis, Cirkul, Vitek (1997)

Mystery of Old Castle, by A. A. Krashchenko (1996)

Narnia-1, by Dmitry Eremeew (1995)

Narnia-2, by Dmitry Eremeew (1995)

Olisa, by Dmitry Danner (2012)

Oragon, by Unknown (1995)

by Alexandr Revenoc

Psycho Game, by Luka, Pulstar, Riskej

Return of Red Hood, by Antokolos (2014)

Revolt, by Dmitry Sminrnov (1994)

Roofmania, by Twin, Newart, Nik-O (2002)

Ruby, by VIATOR, RSM Soft, Oko (1995)

Sea Quest Part 1 - Sea Wolf, by Illya Fisher, Taras, VBI, Panda (1998)

Sixth City, by Oreolek (2015)

Stolen Diamond, by Viacheslav Malcev, Vladislav Iotenko

Subway Adventure, by Wlodek Black (1989)

Sword and the Fate, by Unknown (2006)

Tales of Old Russia: Svyatogor the Bogatyr and Karachun the Sorcerer, by Alexey Shirokov (1995)

Talisman, by Owl, Ray, Never (1995)

Ungodly Earth: Desert of Dreams, by Dmitry Danner (2008)

Virtue da Dirty Soul, by C-Jeff, Dimidrol, Infinite, Fresh News (2003)

Welcome to the Hell, by WL

Where the Foot of Man Did Not Step, by JEDI Luminary, Newart, SMIR (2001)

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, by Unknown

Wolf 2: Dump of Epochs, by Alexey Shirokov, Serg Skolzkow (1999)

Wolf 3: The City on the Edges of the Universe, by Alexey Shirokov, Serg Skolzkow (1999)

Wolf: The Caves of Arga, by Alexey Shirokov, Body's, Serg Skolzkow (1991)

The X Files, Part 2: On The Ship, by Ant Skywalker (1999)

Yard Story, by Zen (2001)

Yard Story II, by Zen

You Can Be the Stainless Steel Rat, by Unknown

Yurec Quest, by Yuri Kuzmenko, Igor Reshetniak (1995)

Zombie IV, by Solitary Pilgrim (2001)