Games that take place completely in museums - an IFDB Poll

by Andrew Schultz
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IFComp 2023 had a couple, and they reminded me of another I tested in Shufflecomp. I like having the ability to leave when I want and see what I want.

I'm looking specifically for ones with no winning or losing, and ones where you can end the game by leaving, no matter how much you've seen, are also particularly valuable. (There's a lot of overlap.) Though a score of how much you've seen is worthwhile.

Deborah Sherwood's The Finder's Commission, also in IFComp 2023, misses the cut for this poll, despite mostly being in a museum. You spend time in your own hideout/headquarters. Though having a museum caper is okay!

Hannes Schueller's Ninja's Fate would also miss the cut. It is like the other entries in spirit, but again, you do important things outside the museum.

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David Welbourn, October 30, 2023 - Reply
You may wish to delve into the IF Art Show entries just on the general principle of puzzleless (or nearly-puzzleless) interactions with art pieces. One game, Ribbons , may be close to what you're looking for, but it's been too long since I played it to be certain.
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