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by Puddin Tame
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IF that doesn't explicitly clue players in on knowledge they would/should have if they actually were the player character (The character's motivation, interests, relevant parts of their past etc.), which, for good or bad, results in some sort of twist/unexpected revelation. *NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!!* If you leave a comment, please don't reveal the nature of the concealed information!

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Molly, October 28, 2012 - Reply
I hope you've already played 9:05 before making this poll, because that is the exemplar of this sort of thing.
Puddin Tame, October 30, 2012 - Reply
Yes, I haven't. :) But that's okay. I'm not a fan of IF that does this. For those who share my view, this poll may serve as a list of "IF To Avoid/Approach With Caution."
Molly, October 31, 2012 - Reply
You really should play it, though. There's a reason it's often regarded as a classic.
Puddin Tame, November 10, 2012 - Reply
Alrighty, I played it. While it may succeed as a practical joke, as fiction- not so much. If you fall for the trick, you're left with a story in which the main character behaves in an absurd/illogical manner.
Molly, November 10, 2012 - Reply
9:05 isn't being praised for its fiction, but for its demonstration that the relationship between the PC and the player is nowhere near as simple as it would first appear. Did you play it again to see what you missed? I think that enriches the play experience.

Also, this is prying, but are you a member of TV Tropes?
Puddin Tame, November 12, 2012 - Reply
I don't see how this is praiseworthy. Would a game where the player types in one command and the player character does something completely different be praiseworthy based on the same criteria?

What if 9:05 began like this...

The telephone is ringing.


You die instantaneoulsy as the bomb wired to the telephone explodes. I guess you forgot you were being held prisoner in a room rigged with deathtraps! (RESTORE/RESTART/QUIT?)

Withholding crucial information without some semblance of pretext, e.g. your character has amnesia, sets up a bad faith relationship between author and player. Yes, I did go back and play 9:05 once again to see if anything interesting would happen now that I was aware of the situation. Nothing interesting happened.

I'm not a member of TV Tropes. I don't know what it is.
Emily Short, October 28, 2012 - Reply
Isn't adding stuff to this poll going to be pretty much inherently spoilery?
Puddin Tame, October 30, 2012 - Reply
I think spoilers could be avoided if people are careful with their comments and don't specify the nature of the concealed information. It might be for the best if people left no comments at all. I see one comment on 9:05 that probably says more than it should. Hopefully, this can be edited/removed? I've contacted the member who left the comment and have added a *NO SPOILERS* proviso to the poll description.
Victor Gijsbers, October 29, 2012 - Reply
Yes; and the bad thing is, the poll may show up on the game's page.
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