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by frofroggy
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I'm looking for IF with puzzles that are solved by literacy in a non-IF software tool. The story should communicate an experience that the user might have a hard time experiencing themselves without the IF providing a guiding narrative for the non-IF tool.

I'll throw in extra bonus points if the game actually calls the non-IF tool in the code through a shell call or a shared library, rather than re-implementing the tool in an IF-specific language or simply using canned responses that are hard-coded into the story.

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Lists and Lists, by Andrew Plotkin
3 votes
"a working Lisp compiler with a tutorial genie" [+]... "Learn to program LisP through IF" [+]...

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Return to Ditch Day, by M.J. Roberts
1 vote
"learn how to track down ip addresses" [+]...

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Future Boy!, by Kent Tessman, Derek Lo, Dan Langan, and Nate Laguzza
1 vote
"false dos shell that you navigate and disable processes of" [+]...

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