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Absence of Law, by mathbrush
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Excuse me, can you help me? Yes, you, browsing IFDB games! I need your assistance, but I don't have long. There's so much going on: remote surveillance, unauthorized cloning, forgotten languages, robots...

And Then You Come to a House Not Unlike the Previous One, by B.J. Best
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Title: Infinite Adventure Year: 1986 Genre: Adventure Summary: Wander through an apparently infinite number of spooky mansions, solving a basic puzzle in each one. rating: ★ ★ ★

Counterfeit Monkey, by Emily Short
Average member rating: (237 ratings)

Anglophone Atlantis has been an independent nation since an April day in 1822, when a well-aimed shot from their depluralizing cannon reduced the British colonizing fleet to one ship. Since then, Atlantis...

A Dark Room, by Michael Townsend
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A Dark Room is a famous text-based indie game made by doublespeakgames, which was inspired by Candy Box, but it's much grimmer in tone, with a stronger plot and a more roguelike-like focus on survival. And...

Gun Mute, by C.E.J. Pacian
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Step into the shoes of Mute Lawton, a lone cowboy who must stop an execution set to occur at noon by shooting his way past dangerous cyborgs and mutants in a post-apocalyptic western setting. (From the...

Horse Master, by Tom McHenry
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The Game of Horse Mastery

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