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Cube in the Cavern source now on Github
November 26, 2017
With the end of the competition, I moved the repository from a private Bitbucket one to a public one on GitHub.

The main source was included in the competition release, but I also included the testing modules in this release. Comments and questions are welcome, whether on the source or on using source control in general (which I recommend strongly). The python scripts are sparsely commented, but that's one thing I want to tweak. It won't be worth another news article, but still, it's worth doing.

The reg* files are used with Zarf's regular expression testing kit, but I haven't used them. They were automatically generated, and I plan to use them for unit testing before releasing version 2.

CiC has received some updates since the competition, mostly in the game text and giving better rejects for an undoable move, and hopefully a post-comp release will be forthcoming shortly.

Anyone who would like to trade testing efforts, I'd be glad to.
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