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Investigative Journalism: A Welcome to Night Vale Fan Game, by Astrid Dalmady

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short and sweet task as a Night Vale Community Radio intern , August 8, 2018
by airylef
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I adore Welcome to Night Vale and I adored this short little game. Full of references to the podcast, you're an intern at the radio station who's trying to track down The News. You get to do things like chat with Steve Carlsberg (ugh, Steve!) and visit the Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex.

Map, by Ade McT
Emotional; creepy house, August 8, 2018

Wow, I enjoyed this game. I became thoroughly invested in the ending (Spoiler - click to show)when I had to choose between saving Yvonne or letting her die. Not an easy choice to make, since I figured I'd be letting go of the other children, and I'd spent this whole game getting to know them! I saved her -- I would've felt pretty awful letting a baby die. I loved the changing and growing house, (Spoiler - click to show)as well as the changing and growing plant. What starts as a small, unassuming plant grows until it's literally going through the ceiling and taking up most of the room. Very House of Leaves.

One thing I feel really silly about is that I didn't realize I was carrying a map until, like, the end of the game (y'know, the title of the game). I'd actually drawn a tiny map on my iPad to keep track of where everything basically was. I forgot to check my inventory 'til the end... whoops. Won't do that again.

The only thing that frustrated me is having conversations. I found myself trying many words, getting brief responses, and giving up to do something else. I wish there'd been a short list of topics to ask about and maybe more responses built in (I understand how long and tiring this project must've been, though, lol). (Spoiler - click to show)For instance, there was a mention of my husband's boss grabbing my ass. I sure as hell didn't wanna let that one slide! I kept trying to get someone to bring it up or acknowledge it but couldn't.

Sand-dancer, by Aaron Reed and Alexei Othenin-Girard
Short, interesting example of IF, August 5, 2018

I've been working my way through Aaron Reed's book and decided (about ~100 pgs in) that I should play the game through first to better understand what's going on and where the story's going. I think it was a good choice -- it's easier to think about "writing" a story when you know where it's going!

It's short, but interesting. I liked the story (Spoiler - click to show)and the memories/talents parts. I did notice a few areas where synonyms for verbs should've been used, like (Spoiler - click to show)there's a part where it says you could probably leap, but typing "leap" doesn't work -- you have to say "jump", but this is minor. I think this is a good learn-to-write-IF example game.

Inpatient: A Psychiatric Story, by Alana Zablocki
Brief, but powerful, story, December 26, 2017

This hit me close to home, as I've spent time in a psych facility before. So much of this resonated with me. I'm happy there were LGBTQ characters/storylines; I'm glad the author drew attention to issues like lack of hormones, especially as a human right.

Evertree Inn, by Thom Baylay
Great game, December 26, 2017
by airylef
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I enjoyed playing this a lot: getting to be non-binary and choose your sexuality is awesome. I loved discovering clues and ending up with my love! There's a few clues I didn't discover so I'll probably play again to try to find them all.

can you say my name again, by nadia nova

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Wow, December 23, 2017

I really enjoyed this! I was so drawn into the story. I loved the descriptions of anxiety/depression, so sadly but beautifully accurate. Watching the relationship develop was so cute. Most of all, I love that it was all about trans characters. <3

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