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Winter Break at Hogwarts, by Brian Davies

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Map Too Big, Story Too Small, October 7, 2021

I do love this story as a Hogwarts Walking Sim, I really do. The amount of effort and detail put into mapping the world is phenomenal. However, this is the second time I've tried to play this, and find myself continually frustrated at going nowhere fast. Cues are less than straightforward, and by the time you've located an item or a secret, finding your way back when it becomes relevant is a major chore. I'll set this one aside again, and maybe pick it back up in the future, but the grindy feeling of just simple movement is really turning me off of this one.

The Hunting Lodge, by Hulk Handsome

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Nice, Quick Little Game, October 7, 2021

Cool piece of coding!

Research Dig, by Chris Armitage

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Much Too Short, October 7, 2021

I was hoping for a longer game, got this done in about 5 minutes. Good for beginners, I suppose.

A Clockwork Noir, by Jeremy Lee Harden
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Bradford Mansion, by Lenard Gunda

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Excellent!, October 5, 2021

A solid game all the way around. Only criticism is that I couldn't figure out how to (Spoiler - click to show) use the sink. It's "fill cup from tap" and only works in the kitchen Other than that, had a great time!

Keepsake, by Savaric

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Interesting Little Vignette, October 4, 2021

Don't want to spoil too much, but I'd love to see a longer game in this style! Fascinating look at storytelling in the IF genre.

The House on Sycamore Lane, by Paul Michael Winters

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Excellent!, September 30, 2021

For a beginning IF player, this is an excellent intro to the genre. All items are used and make sense. The map is just complex enough to keep one guessing and navigating, though not too overwhelming. Simple, fast, and a great experience!

The Ghost Train, by Paul T. Johnson

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Too Much to Think About for Such a Simple Game, September 22, 2021

For the amount of description present in the game, I was expecting more interaction and puzzles than what was available to me. I got caught up examining things that weren't relevant or that I couldn't actually see. This felt more like a short story that had some playable elements rather than a true IF tale. The atmosphere was working great until I had to play guess the verb. In short, a messy addition to the IF catalog, but is definitely salvageable!

Where Evil Dwells, by Steve Owens and Paul T. Johnson

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Delightfully Campy, September 21, 2021

This is a relatively quick game that has "Clue" levels of camp in it. I enjoyed it immensely!

Mortlake Manor, by Ben Chenoweth

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Great Walking Sim, Light on Gameplay, September 16, 2021

Half the fun of diving into an IF game is drawing the map that goes along with it. I agree with previous reviewers: this is meant for the beginning IF player. Even so, I do have a few hints to make the game a little easier. Namely, use the verb "use" when you're unsure how to do something. There are few synonyms in this game, and more complicated verbs such as "flip" or "spread" will not work. When in doubt, use "use"! I really appreciated how much the mapping made sense in this game. I was able to draw it all out easily, and connections between rooms made a lot of sense. Take a cue, new authors! While playing "find the verb" was frustrating before using "use", I will say that this was an enjoyable game.

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