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The Fat Lardo and the Rubber Ducky, by Anonymous

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Strangely Enjoyable, But Still Trash..., May 24, 2011
by Edward Kingfisher
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Honestly, from the title, I had no idea what to expect. Possibly some stupid adventure, but no, what I found was a lot worse. I don't want to rush this game, or even deter you from playing it! I cannot deny that this game was quite funny, and even though isn't as good as some other titles, works well.

The 'story' involves you, who the game describes as "a fat lardo," finds a rubber ducky. THATS ABOUT IT. You can pick it up, squeeze it, drop it, nibble it, jump (a refreshing breath since I've been longing to get a response from that for years). You can't go anywhere, do anything "as far as I know" or really have any fun with this.

If you are in the mood for some language and lols,play it for a few minutes, but this game is no Emily Short.

Edge of the Cliff, by Poster

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Dumb and Pointless, May 24, 2011

This was not IF. It started off being funny, but after that you basically could do nothing except one move that wins you the game, I think this must have been written in about five minutes.

A Day for Fresh Sushi, by Emily Short

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A Must-Play, May 22, 2011

This IF is a perfect example of how one-room adventures can be fun and puzzling.

If you gave the topic of feeding a fish in one room to anyone else, it would probably involve sorting through a long list of random objects untill you have to eat it or something.

Overall, a good play, short, fun, and not hard at all....

Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma, by Juhana Leinonen

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Incredibly Fun, a Perfect Balance of Logic and Humor, May 22, 2011
by Edward Kingfisher
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When I first laid eyes on this beauty, my initial reaction was that it would be long, confusing, and contain large doses of the failed humor we see so often today; but I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

This game combines incredibly logical puzzles, that you will never regret not figuring out, thanks to the handy, brilliantly working hint system. The jokes and general atmosphere of this game are hilarious, and I never failed to stop laughing a Sleezeball McDouchebag, and of course, the abundant supply of Yo-Mamma jokes.

This was one of the first games I ever played, and it opened a whole new world for me. You never get lost in this game, the story more-or-less follows up, and even if you don't get the puzzles its still fun to just go around messing shit up!

Overall, a must play, even if you are a fan of long, complicated enormous adventures.

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