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Casting, by 'trix

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Casted, September 17, 2022
by Kinetic Mouse Car
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Normally AIF is not my thing, but they could use reviews anyway, so why not. This one is about being casted in adult film. You receive a letter inviting you to audition at Badger Studios but when you show up you learn that your audition has been canceled. The only option is to try to convince the director, casting director, and producer that you are the right pick for their next film.

The objective is to gain the approval of people who will help you land a role. Puzzles are straight forward and do not require much creativity: Give each character the time of their life based on what they want. The score consists of the tasks that you complete. You do not need a full score to win the game. Heck, I could not figure out how to get a full score, though I came close. Maybe someone else can. I thought the game would (Spoiler - click to show) end once you are casted but there is an endgame where you perform in a film (BSHW2, you will have to play the game if you want to know what that stands for), which was a nice conclusion.

Story + Characters
The only thing we know about the protagonist is that she is unnamed, eighteen years old, and came from England. She has already had a dream of becoming an actress in the adult film industry, but besides that, Casting does not seem like a protagonist-oriented story. Instead, she seems more generalized. There is also a total of six other NPCs that you directly interact with.

The game suffers from lack of atmosphere. I am not talking about “action,” I mean worldbuilding, character building. For example, Anna (film director) is said to be an award-winning director when you first meet her, but you do not see any awards on her office wall. It occurred to me that this would have been an opportunity for character building.

The character dialog is the weakest part of this game. You can talk to characters about hardly anything, even basic things such as Badger Studios. And then you have this:

>ask Anna about audition
"I don't think you've got what it takes to get this part," Anna tells you.

>ask Anna about me
"You've a fairly interesting look," Anna says. "You might have a shot at movies."

It seems like she contradicts herself. When you try to get her to elaborate on these points you get “Anna shrugs.” Well, perhaps dialog is not meant to be the focus in this game. But even if dialog is not how progress in made, it would still have added some depth.

Final thoughts
What else? You can also play the game in commentary mode (Spoiler - click to show) (“cmtry on”) if you want to hear the author’s take on things. I do not have a lot to compare it to, in terms of AIF. As a general IF piece I would say it is a decent game. The puzzles are straightforward and there are no noticeable bugs. It was an interesting experience but not really a game I would return to. But if you are looking for some AIF then yes, I recommend it.

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