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the mountain is as it always was, by christine mi

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A poignant story of love and loss, November 14, 2023
by Sean Huxter (Massachusetts)
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First, let me say that the one-bit art brought me back to my roots, drawing on my Commodore 64.

Simple but effective imagery that evokes 1980s pixel patterns is used here to put a very basic yet meaningful UI on a short story that seems very personal.

I was not used to an IF story using sprite avatars to move around and trigger story elements, but it is well used here in a minimalistic way.

As to the story itself, I can relate to how nature can hold and reveal your personal history, having grown up in such a place.

The story is not long, and plays out on various car trips to a mountain, and is well written and heart-felt, dealing with the loss of love, and the loss of the first love.

I'm not normally a fan of Choose Your Own Path Text stories, but I have to say this one does it rather well and unless I missed something, repeats when it ends, rather than giving other options. And when it comes down to it, the nature of the story might be best served by looping back onto itself, so I liked that.

I enjoyed myself enough to break with my normal routine, and actually write a review.

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