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1981, by Anonymous

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"Click" Fiction, September 26, 2012

I would hestiate to say this is an IF. I would more compare it to click fiction. It was extremely linear, to the point I could only alter 2 areas which still ended with the same effect. It did give a slight insight into the mind of the protagonist, however creepy that mind may be.
Awarded: a point each for character & story
Recommended: It's an interesting albeit creepy fiction. I would probably recommend to people looking for "real world" fiction. It's rather short, so good for in between harder IFs and just for something a bit out of the ordinary.
Personal Opinion: It is a different premise from what I usually see, it would of been nice to perhaps have the "click fiction" for the first time round (allowing one to enter the protagonists head so to speak) then allow replay with the constraints removed and more endings/interaction available.

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