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Stink or Swim, by Renee Choba

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Fun and frustration in equal measure., April 25, 2009
by gruelove (UK)
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An entertaining little piece which left me a little dis-satisfied. I tend to get tired quite quickly of IF that leaves me high and dry. I personally didn't find the hints offered much that I hadn't already thought to try anyway(to no avail). Being more of a story oriented player than a lover of puzzles it may be that I am being a little harsh.

All things being as they are, this is an amusing piece of IF that I will no doubt do battle with from time to time. Would have given it 4 stars if not for the lack of 'useful' hints.


The Crescent City at the Edge of Disaster, by Emily Short

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Yet another amusing distraction., April 24, 2009
by gruelove (UK)
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Emily Short seems to have a knack for producing quality IF no matter what the genre or circumstances. This is another of her speedIF entries. Short and very easy to complete, it's no less enjoyable for that. The humour is natural and unforced and the piece is highly amusing from beginning to end.

Very well worth while playing.

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