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Untold Riches, by Jason Ermer

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Simple pleasures, November 17, 2015
by Felix Pleșoianu (Bucharest, Romania)
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A deceptively small and simple game, Untold Riches is an old-school puzzlefest with a backstory that seems to run on the Second-Hand Storytelling trope (appropriately given the set-up). The map is nice and tight, with mercifully simple puzzles -- though I did need the hints in a couple of places, simply for failing to realize there was hidden detail to examine. Also I found a couple of places where the text seems to assume I'll have encountered things in a particular order, but I'd have to replay to be sure. If I had to nitpick, the parrot could have been more entertaining, rather than a vending-machine NPC, but fluff by definition isn't essential.

All in all, a silly game with no depth that's nevertheless worth playing. I'd say it's nothing to write home about, but I just did, and that means more than the words themselves. Enjoy.

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