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The Price of Freedom, by Wyatt Ryder

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Unplayable., June 19, 2013
by Metz77 (Massachusetts, USA)
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As has been said before, this was plainly written to help the creator learn Inform. Why it had to be released is a bit of a mystery, especially given the apparent, although not actual, impossibility of winning. This is because of one of several unlisted exits in the game: if you (Spoiler - click to show)go north in the bedroom it will take you to a room from which it is easy to complete the game.

Some of the oddest coding mistakes involves being able to accidentally pick up both of the men you meet over the course of the game, which becomes hilarious when Eric the Jailer tries to stop you from escaping while also residing safely in your inventory.

Overall, not really worth playing, but also short enough to not be much of a waste of time.

Big Red Button, by Mister Nose

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Wonderfully Deep?, February 21, 2013
by Metz77 (Massachusetts, USA)
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A brilliant satire of one-move games? An incisive commentary on uncreative IF writers? Or is it something more: a narrative condemning the mindless masses who would rather play single-button casual phone games for all of eternity rather than more complex fare, endlessly reducing your point total parallel with the loss of discernment such games cause?

None of the above, actually. More an experiment in comedy which simply falls flat and has no ending. Pass this one over.

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