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Lecture Feature, by Paul Equinox Collins

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Lecture, September 28, 2020
by bradleyswissman (Virginia, US)
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Lecture Feature is a short mission/puzzle IF in which you play a hungover student attempting to (Spoiler - click to show) recruit fellow students for a protest . I particularly enjoyed how easy it was to visualize the 'map' used in this game. It was relatively easy to navigate while still having a sizeable number of locations. The descriptions of the locations are colorful, imaginative, and humorous, and poke fun at some of the more tropic elements of college life at a fictional liberal-arts university. The use of moving NPCs is also a clever touch that adds to the realism of the game. I found some of the puzzles a bit frustrating, such as (Spoiler - click to show) the fact that you need to examine rather than talk to one of the NPCs is not readily apparent, but it's nothing too difficult that can't be solved with a little experimentation.

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