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80 DAYS, by inkle, Meg Jayanth

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Unforgettable game!, June 4, 2022

I love this game for so many reasons. First, the characterization, setting, and description is incredible. I feel like I'm right there traveling along. I love that it gives you a map of the world to show you where you are going and your options. It's easy to play and even those rare moments of getting stuck, don't feel like losing. It's a rare, beautiful game I encourage you to play.

Party Foul, by Brooks Reeves
One of my favorites, May 31, 2022

This cracks me up this game. It's so easy to play and one of my favorites. There's definite replayability. The puzzles are easy and fun. It's also a blast to irritate others in the game!

Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina, by Jim Aikin

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Fun, But Tormentingly Difficult, May 29, 2022

EDIT: I FINALLY finished this game through to the end! I had to rely heavily on the walkthrough in order to finish it, especially during the (Spoiler - click to show) monkey maze , (Spoiler - click to show) plant maze , and the (Spoiler - click to show) train game. What's most challenging about this game is how unbelievably easy it is to get stuck and often, I wasn't sure what my next step in finishing the game was until I consulted the walk-through. What made me go back to this game is the setting. I love the idea of roaming around a mall after-hours, especially since a lot of malls in general are closed. It had a creepy vibe to it too without being scary. I'd love to think one day I won't need the walk-through as much, but I used that and the hint system a great deal.

My previous review of 2016:

So this is a game where I easily got involved in this for hours at a time exploring the mall, interacting with the scenery, getting stuck, trying to find out if I can get unstuck. For the second time last night, in about two weeks of attempting to solve this, I had to restart the game. So I'm taking a break now. But in general, a few pieces of advice for those of you playing the first time (Spoiler - click to show)if you walk into a room and you realize you've broken a crystal ball, click undo. AND (Spoiler - click to show) don't use up your matches all at once, you will need them later . AND (Spoiler - click to show) make sure you find a way to stop the guard from seeing your activity on the security screens AND (Spoiler - click to show) don't shred the book in the book printing machine . I can promise you that you will need hints and at one point, I caved and peeked at the walk through. I did get stuck and realized that I had to go back to the VERY start of the game, despite my numerous attempts at saving thanks to (Spoiler - click to show) the fact that I used up all my matches and didn't realize I need them for a specific room .

Fun game, and VERY addictive. But almost too difficult for me, to the point where it wasn't very fun, because I kept needing hints to get through different tasks. But if you are up for a challenge, I'd say take this one on. Good atmospheric game though, and I loved the idea of being ina mall after hours.

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