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I'm looking for Easter Eggs.. - 21 votes for 16 games; created September 2, 2020
A poll by morganthegirl
I'm somewhat new to IF and was wondering if Easter Eggs are ever hidden in these games as they are in others? If so, which games have...

I don't know how to play a game - 8 votes for 7 games; created August 24, 2020
A poll by High virago
i don't know how to play a game in the ifdb so can you please tell me?

Best Short Games (5-60 minutes) - 211 votes for 63 games; created July 12, 2009
A poll by Sasha Davidovna
I'm pretty new to IF and am having a lot of fun, but in between a toddler and a job and other real life stuff, I'm having trouble finding...

Games for Beginners - 270 votes for 66 games; created November 11, 2008
A poll by WriterBob
I'm looking for games that are suited for adults who are new to IF. My purpose is to share these games with friends and let them get...

1-4 of 4