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magic systems / accurate time travel - 14 votes for 12 games; created February 17, 2024
A poll by Cygnus
I recently played Never Gives Up Her Dead by Mathbrush, and I loved it a lot. I especially loved the magic part in a certain part, and...

games with magic - 23 votes for 18 games; created March 6, 2020
A poll by Xw
any game will do

All the Pretty Sources - 30 votes for 21 games; created December 20, 2012
A poll by Jeremy Freese
IF games that have source code available that you'd hold up as an example of what good looking source code is supposed to look like. (I...

Games with good magic system - 48 votes for 18 games; created December 7, 2011
A poll by RedHatter
I'm looking for some games with a good magic system. Doesn't have to be at brilliant as Savoir-Faire but consistency would be nice.

Games for Beginners - 281 votes for 72 games; created November 11, 2008
A poll by WriterBob
I'm looking for games that are suited for adults who are new to IF. My purpose is to share these games with friends and let them get...

1-5 of 5