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Nontradiational Parser, Gamebook, IF and Systems - 39 votes for 34 games; created October 20, 2019
A poll by thecanvasrose
I'm making a list based on this poll as I play the elected games and can write snippets about them. See here:...

For Your Consideration - XYZZY-eligible games of 2015 - 35 votes for 32 games; created February 12, 2016
A poll by Brendan Patrick Hennessy
This is for suggesting games released in 2015 which you think might be worth considering for Best Game in the XYZZY awards. This is not a...

Your favorite homebrew parser - 19 votes for 15 games; created October 25, 2015
A poll by MathBrush
Homebrew games don't get a lot of love here, but some of them are pretty good. What is your favorite homebrew game?

Procedurally generated IF - 21 votes for 13 games; created October 11, 2015
A poll by verityvirtue
Looking for IF which uses procedural generation (? I'm not a programmer) to derive its writing, story, etc.

1-4 of 4