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The absolute hardest non-broken games you've played - 25 votes for 15 games; created September 23, 2017
A poll by MathBrush
After reading Jason Dyer's post on his excellent adventure blog (at bluerenga.wordpress.com) about the hardest adventure ever (which I...

very hard games - 44 votes for 26 games; created January 16, 2010
A poll by aw1231
I am look for the hardest IF games ever.

Most unique games - 40 votes for 25 games; created August 4, 2009
A poll by Jeremy Freese
Whatever else might be said about ___________, there's not another game like it.

Really hard puzzle/adventure games - 30 votes for 16 games; created April 9, 2009
A poll by Silius
You know like with lots of puzzles you have to solve.

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