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Parser games with WOW moments. - 20 votes for 17 games; created May 17, 2023
A poll by Marco Innocenti
Vote for parser games (in all of history) that had incredible Wow moments, twists, or whatever made you think for ages or left you...

Games with exploration (or even just games w/ secret passages and such) - 23 votes for 17 games; created March 28, 2023
A poll by Cygnus
There seems to be a LOT of games where you just.. explore hidden secrets in mansions, or similar. some of them have a plot, some of 'em...

Big, impossible houses - 11 votes for 7 games; created January 18, 2023
A poll by OverThinking
Think "House of Leaves" or Aaron Reed's "Subcutanean." "Delightful Wallpaper" doesn't count as, though its map is large and complex, it...

The most enjoyable Z-code games - 72 votes for 28 games; created June 16, 2022
A poll by Fredrik Ramsberg
I'd like to compile a list of some of the most enjoyable games available in Z-code format (blorbed or not). Please add games that you...

Highly atmospheric and immersive games - 26 votes for 17 games; created November 14, 2021
A poll by Cryptic Puffin
I'm looking for games with effective use of location, language, etc. to really immerse you in the locale and the story, no matter the...

Games that would work well as a movie - 13 votes for 7 games; created August 17, 2021
A poll by Karl Ove Hufthammer
As a contrast to games with impossible-to-film moments, which games do you think would work well if they were adapted to the big screen,...

Games where the player must draw their own map - 26 votes for 14 games; created March 29, 2021
A poll by Paxton
Ideally these are games whose puzzles/challenges involve the map in some way (hidden connections, layout analysis, &c.) and aren't just...

Games with a good "Investigation" feel - 17 votes for 10 games; created October 19, 2020
A poll by C4rd1n4l
I'm looking for games that really push you to closely examine every nook and cranny of a setting. Maybe an escape-room game of some kind...

First attempt IF - 25 votes for 19 games; created April 6, 2020
A poll by beecadee
Anyone wanting to write IF has to start somewhere. Looking for games that were authors' first attempts... First attempts in a given...

Scariest Games! (Horror or Otherwise) - 29 votes for 20 games; created August 20, 2019
A poll by thecanvasrose
I'm a sucker for horror, psychological suspense, adventure, the paranormal and supernatural, monsters and mystery. Please suggest scary...

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