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Your crazy friend/relative's crazy house - 10 votes for 9 games; created November 26, 2021
A poll by Malasana
"The archetypal IF setting will always be Your Crazy Friend/Relative's Crazy House. It's the perfect way to work through all the classic...

Best mechanical/physics puzzles. - 12 votes for 11 games; created June 23, 2021
A poll by Rovarsson
I had a lot of fun with the underground trolley puzzle in Axe of Kolt by Larry Horsfield. Any other games that feature cool mechanical...

Solved without Hints - 188 votes for 106 games; created July 16, 2010
A poll by joncgoodwin
I'm very interested in hearing truthful accounts of at least somewhat difficult games (or games that don't solve themselves at least)...

Great treasure hunt games - 25 votes for 16 games; created January 1, 2009
A poll by Molly
Good treasure hunting games in the vein of Zork and Adventure, although they may not necessarily be set in caves.

1-4 of 4