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Games about grannies - 12 votes for 10 games; created July 17, 2019
A poll by baf
Recently, a representative of Ubisoft attracted some attention by saying, about an upcoming game with a grandmother as a protagonist,...

Trying to find a good comedy. - 77 votes for 44 games; created July 31, 2017
A poll by H. W. Wiliams
I'm hoping to find a good comedy IF title. I've been away for a while and want a good laugh before I head back to work. Any suggestions?

Birds in IF - 79 votes for 49 games; created November 8, 2009
A poll by Wendymoon
What games can you think of with birds in them? What's the bird? Is it important to the game?

Games that include a maze you would describe as 'hey, actually fun' - 41 votes for 21 games; created July 16, 2009
A poll by Jeremy Freese
Everybody always dissing mazes in IF. What are the games that prove them wrong?

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