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Games Centered Around Devices/Machines - 24 votes for 14 games; created August 1, 2022
A poll by Amanda Walker
I'm looking for games that heavily feature learning how to use a device or machine. For instance, the machine in Emily Short's...

For your consideration: XYZZY-eligible Best Overall Puzzles of 2021 - 17 votes for 14 games; created May 20, 2022
A poll by MathBrush
This is for suggesting games released in 2021 which you think might be worth considering for Best Puzzles in the XYZZY awards. This is...

Games with Toys - 47 votes for 30 games; created March 12, 2017
A poll by IFforL2
I want to distinguish toys from three other IF game elements: Puzzles require the player to find a solution to a problem in the...

Games with interesting content that unlocks after beating the game - 14 votes for 10 games; created May 6, 2015
A poll by MathBrush
After playing Tenth Plague, I was interested when I saw the game had a commentary mode. I was looking for similar "extra content" in...

1-4 of 4