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Kusoge of the IF Comp - 6 votes for 4 games; created May 21, 2014
A poll by Molly
From Hardcore Gaming 101: "Kusoge" (糞ゲー, or クソゲー) is a Japanese compound word - "kuso", meaning "garbage, crap, shit", and "ge", short...

Hilariously Bad IF games - 17 votes for 11 games; created November 10, 2013
A poll by american00b
Earlier today, I felt like playing an Interactive Fiction game that is the literary and stylistic equivalent of such masterpieces as...

The worst IF ever? - 20 votes for 13 games; created October 18, 2013
A poll by theqbasicwizard
I'm wanting to do an episode for the podcast that deals with only the worst possible IF games ever programmed? You know the kind that if...

Absolute worst IF - 8 votes for 6 games; created April 11, 2012
A poll by NOM3RCY
There's a surprising lack of a "worst IF" poll. I felt that I had to make it. We've all played the classics, the Colossal Caves, the...

A Poll About ... A Poll About ... Hm. That's Funny. I Can't Recall. - 66 votes for 33 games; created July 30, 2010
A poll by Ghalev
As of the founding of this poll, the IFDB has only seven games with the "amnesia" tag. I don't buy that for an instant. Please vote for...

1-5 of 5