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My Underrated Gems - 5 items   April 20, 2023
A list by Lance Cirone
A few of my favorite IF games that just need more love. Some of these are particularly deep cuts, but they're all high quality and worth...

Great games in a mostly realistic setting - 54 items   July 28, 2020
A list by MathBrush
These are games that for the most part don't contain magical elements or futuristic technology. This includes games where there might be...

A timeline of some important games for authors - 34 items   June 20, 2020
A list by MathBrush
This is a timeline of some highly influential games that were among the first to use specific techniques or which left a mark on future...

Some interesting games - 17 items   November 12, 2011
A list by Atropos

Recommended List - 3 items   October 17, 2011
A list by katie087
1. Lost Pig by Admiral Jota 2. Lock & Key by Adam Cadre 3. Best of Three by Emily Short

Favorite Games - 6 items   November 23, 2008
A list by Ron Newcomb
Quality games friendly to those of us new to Interactive Fiction and who would have little patience with the text adventures of old.

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