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My new walkthroughs for March 2019 - 18 items   March 25, 2019
A list by David Welbourn
On Monday, March 26, 2019, I published new walkthroughs for the games listed below! Some of these were paid for by my wonderful patrons...

Camp/"So Bad It's Good" - 6 items   April 23, 2018
A list by Ivanr
It might seem strange that a video game, which relies on consistent and effortful coding in order to deliver any kind of experience,...

Funny Games - 6 items   June 14, 2017
A list by Ivanr
Okay, this is purely subjective, but since really successful comedy is so rare in IF I thought I'd collect what I consider to be the...

Cat simulators - 7 items   April 5, 2016
A list by verityvirtue
Games in which the PC is a cat, or which revolve closely around a particular cat. Generally pleasant games. I have thought about whether...

Games - 3 items   October 22, 2011
A list by Gaal24
my favorite games

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