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Games that Brought Me Back to IF - 4 items   May 28, 2016
A list by BeingTheWriter
I was really into interactive fiction about five years ago. Getting my day job killed off my time to play, as well as the death of my...

Society, Socialites and Social Climbing - 13 items   September 5, 2013
A list by E.K.
Games where the protagonist has to navigate aspirational society in some way, whether it is an attempt at climbing the social ladder or...

Funny Games - 2 items   September 26, 2010
A list by gamerbeauty86
The following games are ones that I actually laughed at while playing and worth playing more than once simply for that reason. For some...

Light-hearted games with solveable puzzles - 4 items   August 5, 2010
A list by Celestianpower
Games with comedic elements, and good, solveable puzzles.

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