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I am somewhat new to IF. I have been playing for the last few months and I have caught on very quick and I have enjoyed the games completely! They are very addictive. I have also recently tried making my own game, but it is a long process for me (yet, I have enjoyed every minute of it!)

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Funny Games - 2 items   September 26, 2010
The following games are ones that I actually laughed at while playing and worth playing more than once simply for that reason. For some...

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Missing Grandpa: Lost in Time, by Becky Kinkead   April 10, 2012
"Oddly, the cover (or image) caught me on this game. I thought it looked like it would be funny. It wasn't. Upon opening up the game, you..." - See the full review

Inspiration!, by Jacob Polar   June 10, 2011
"Initially, I was immediately captivated by the game. I can completely relate to the inability to get your creative juices going and I..." - See the full review

Baby Uncle New Year, by Jonathan Blask   June 10, 2011
"Starting out the game, you play a guy that has had a really tough year and is really happy to be a brand new Uncle. In the game, you are..." - See the full review

Murder at the Diogenes Club, by Gerald Lientz   January 4, 2011
"In this game, you play the role of Watson's cousin and Sherlock enlists your help with two cases that come up, which he can't help with..." - See the full review

Rameses, by Stephen Bond   August 19, 2010
"I am a bit disappointed that this game didn't allow you to do more...I would have loved to have known what would have happened if the..." - See the full review

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Inspiration!, by Jacob Polar
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Murder at the Diogenes Club, by Gerald Lientz
Rameses, by Stephen Bond

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Mystery!, by Gene Welborn

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Baby Uncle New Year, by Jonathan Blask