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A timeline of some important games for authors - 33 items   June 20, 2020
A list by MathBrush
This is a timeline of some highly influential games that were among the first to use specific techniques or which left a mark on future...

Camp/"So Bad It's Good" - 6 items   April 23, 2018
A list by Ivanr
It might seem strange that a video game, which relies on consistent and effortful coding in order to deliver any kind of experience,...

Games I consider to be excellent - 10 items   August 9, 2016
A list by Packhandle Failure
I freakin' love these games, man

Silly/goofy/purposely bad games - 9 items   January 26, 2016
A list by MathBrush
These are games that are funny because they are ridiculous or completely absurd. This does not include games like Tex Bonaventure or...

Honorable Mentions - 5 items   September 16, 2015
A list by mjhayes
These are pieces of IF that were written with a specific writing concept in mind. They deserve mention for their respective authors'...

Played and Liked - 15 items   June 2, 2013
A list by exomarch
As it says

Easy, fun, short. - 10 items   October 21, 2007
A list by Michael R. Bacon
Easy to get into and complete while remaining very entertaining.

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