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Annotated list of best sci-fi games - 30 items   July 21, 2020
A list by MathBrush
A few months ago, I thought, "There really aren't that many sci-fi IF games". Then I started going through old games I had played, and...

Noteworthy Games Which Can't Be Played on the Web - 45 items   April 2, 2020
A list by Walter Sandsquish
Because TADS 2 is still missing a TADS Web UI or Glk server or a JavaScript 'terp.

IF for a laugh - 6 items   September 7, 2008
A list by Maze
A list of games that will make you laugh. Most of them are very short, but there are a few longer ones. The order is in term of *laughs*,...

IF that's a pleasure to READ - 10 items   October 28, 2007
A list by Maureen
I have a soft spot for "literary" IF. Good writing can draw me into a story that doesn't really have much game to it, and amateur writing...

My top 10 games - 10 items   October 23, 2007
A list by Quintin Stone

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