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Interactive Fiction by Maze

The Phoenix Move, by Daniele Giardini (2008)
(11 ratings)
You are standing on a tall pole. So tall you can't see the ground below. All you see, is a bright blue sky around you. And the sun. And some clouds. And a huge egg, motionlessly floating a couple...

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Reviews by Maze

Textfire Golf, by Adam Cadre   September 7, 2008
"This is a rare example of arcade IF. You have to play a 9 holes golf course, against 3 other opponents. You choose the club, and you..." - See the full review

Deep Breathing, by Admiral Jota   September 7, 2008
"An alternate view of a well-known tale (can't tell which, or that'll ruin the brief experience). Written by the same guy that did the..." - See the full review

Lydia's Heart, by Jim Aikin   September 6, 2008
"I am awestruck. I played Not Just An Ordinary Ballerina (that too by Jim Aikin) and the much acclaimed Curses!, and I wasn't expecting to..." - See the full review

When in Rome 1: Accounting for Taste, by Emily Short   September 2, 2008
"As the author says, this is a lunchtime game. Easy and brief: just some 15 minutes to reach the end (though it doesn't really *end*,..." - See the full review

Back To Life... Unfortunately, by David Whyld   September 2, 2008
"In this game you are a king (somewhere and somewhen). You are brought back to life because your heir - your son - is behaving like a..." - See the full review

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Rematch, by Andrew D. Pontious
Textfire Golf, by Adam Cadre
Shrapnel, by Adam Cadre
Lydia's Heart, by Jim Aikin
Another Day, Another Sea Monster, by Dan Schmidt

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