My new walkthroughs for October 2018

Recommendations by David Welbourn (Waterloo, Ontario)

On Friday, October 26, 2018, I published new walkthroughs for the games listed below! Some of these were paid for by my wonderful patrons at Patreon. Please consider supporting me to make even more new walkthroughs for works of interactive fiction at

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1. Return to Ditch Day
by M.J. Roberts
Average member rating: (28 ratings)

David Welbourn says:

You play as Doug Mittling, a middle manager for a tech company called Omegatron, which is in competition with a rather aggressive and larger tech company called Mitachron. That competition becomes more personal when both you and your Mitachron rival, Frosst Belker, are sent to recruit a senior student, Brian Stamer, at your alma mater, Caltech. For it seems Brian means to test his potential recruiters with a challenge: a Ditch Day stack. Brian will accept a job at the company of the rep who solves his stack first.

2. Frobozz Magic Support, by Nate Cull (1996)
Average member rating: (7 ratings)
David Welbourn says:

You play as a novice glyph support clerk but no one's around but an animated burin. It seems the more experienced support clerks are either lost, got themselves un-implemented, or got stuck in a timeloop. And, of course, everyone else in Zork wants assistance too. No one said your first day on the job would be easy!

3. Tookie's Song, by Jessica Knoch (2002)
Average member rating: (12 ratings)
David Welbourn says:

Cat aliens from the planet Purrsimmon have stolen your pet dog, Tookie! Rescue him by solving all the various light-hearted puzzles they've set up for you!

4. The Tale of The Crazy Diaper Man
by Charlie the Spiffy
Average member rating: (1 rating)

David Welbourn says:

In this short, minimalist, and nonsensical game, you play as the crazy diaper man and you have just stolen the magic muffin! Run away!

5. Inevitable, by Matthew Pfeiffer (2017)
Average member rating: (8 ratings)
David Welbourn says:

In this short one-room escape game, you play as a mad scientist who wants to be a supervillian. You've just invented a time scryer that can see the future, but your first test shows an intruder killing you! Can you escape your fate?

6. Cramming, by Chuck Bartholomew (2011)
Average member rating: (2 ratings)
David Welbourn says:

In this short game written as a programming exercise to learn Inform 7, you play as a generic student at an unnamed school. Let's assume it's a university or college. You need to finish your project (on some topic I'm sure you're at least vaguely interested in) and hand it in to your professor soon if you want to pass your course in whatever it is you're studying.

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