Twine games with free range of movement: A personal list

Recommendations by Kinetic Mouse Car

Free range of movement means the gameplay has parser qualities without the parser part. It allows you to wander around and interact directly with objects or talk to characters in your environment. This list does NOT require games to have other characters or inventories. What matters is that you can roam around through different spaces, navigating them, and even returning to them. It is required that the majority of the gameplay features free range of movement.

Puzzle complexity categories
-Category 1: Explore and go along with the ride.
Exploratory in nature. You may have tasks to complete (akin to ultra-light puzzles) but is fairly streamlined. Tend to be more linear with smaller maps.

-Category 2: Feature puzzles
Roll up your sleeves and get solving. Players can pursue multiple puzzles or areas of focus at a given time. Gives you more wiggle room on the order in which you solve puzzles, making it less linear than category 1.

-Category 3: Extra puzzlefests
Get ready to seriously strategize. You may be reaching for a walkthrough.

Listed underneath each game is the category. These are just personal games I have played. I will update it regularly. Perhaps you will have a different perspective.

Bonus: Non-Twine choice-based games with similar free range of movement properties (combined into one list)
- After-Words, fireisnormal
- Domestic Elementalism, fireisnormal
- Drift Mine Satellite, Everest Pipkin
- One Way Ticket, Vitalii Blinov
- Redstone, Fred

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MathBrush, July 31, 2022 - Reply
I liked your list and shared it on Twitter!
Kinetic Mouse Car, August 1, 2022 - Reply
THANK YOU! I am glad you liked it.
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