Forgotten Treasures of IFDB

Recommendations by MathBrush

These are games that are great, either in my opinion or in many others, but which have been forgotten.

By forgotten, I mean it satisfies the following:
1. Not an IfComp or XYZZY Best Game winner,
2. Not in Best 50 Interactive Fiction (either edition)
3. Not an Emily Short or Andrew Plotkin game.

As well as one or more of the following criteria:
1. 15 or less ratings
2. 1 or fewer reviews
3. Not mentioned on very often
4. On less than 3 polls/lists.

Many of these games are old-school huge puzzle games, which have come out of favor as more games became available and time to play went down per game.

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Andrew Schultz, October 18, 2015 - Reply
So, if one of these games gets a bunch of reviews, can/should we mark it as such? I'm thinking this is a great way to get people to see/review these and I suspect this was your intent.

Thanks for reminding me of games I'd meant to try out.
MathBrush, October 18, 2015 - Reply
Do you mean, should we mark it in the list as 'attention received', or mention it in individual game reviews? Either one seems good.

I definitely aimed this list towards experienced players of IF who feel they've seen it all and are looking for something new, so I'd feel successful if the games got more reviews and/or ratings.
Andrew Schultz, October 20, 2015 - Reply
Yeah, both seem good. If it's an either-or, then, I'd go with the first. I also like "ATTENTION RECEIVED" as a sort of label.
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