Vinesauce's Joel Might Love These Games

Recommendations by TheVoid

Games Joel, aka Vargskelethor on Twitch, would likely enjoy playing for a "text Adventure Madness" stream

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1. Brain Guzzlers from Beyond!
by Steph Cherrywell
Average member rating: (71 ratings)

TheVoid says:

You are the protagonist in an old-school monster movie, trope humor abounds. If you play all the way through any games on this list, play this one. Takes some time investment, worth it

2. Aisle
by Sam Barlow
Average member rating: (316 ratings)

TheVoid says:

A short, one-move game which will respond to pretty much ANYTHING. You can't exactly kill yourself, but has a wide enough variety of input responses to keep it amusing. Going through several scenarios in this game takes at most 5-7 minutes.

3. Fingertips: The Day That Love Came To Play
by S. John Ross
Average member rating: (14 ratings)

TheVoid says:

Also a one move game, but with an endgame in a lounge at the end of the world. Takes less time due to input limits and logical objective revelation.

4. Hunger Daemon
by Sean M. Shore
Average member rating: (63 ratings)

TheVoid says:

You are a cult member in your uncle's basement, but are getting bored and hungry during a ritual and sure could go for some pizza.

5. Shadowgate, by David Feldman, David Marsh, Terry Schulenburg, David Griffith (1987)
Average member rating: (1 rating)
TheVoid says:

Shadowgate as a text adventure?!?!?!?! Apparently so. Requires interpreter download.

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